Mancelona: Tarnation

Mancelona: Tarnation is a top down action-adventure game that takes place in my home town and super fund clean up site Mancelona, MI.

Prelude (summarized)(WIP):
Long before Mancelona even before Furnace Ville there was the Ironmen of old.
These great men mined the ore from the land and established a prospering village.
But through their relentless greed the Ironmen released Kanzer upon the town.
Kanzer fell on the Ironmen spreading disease and corrupting the landscape.
The wildlife became his twisted puppets and the water became toxic.
But then the Royal order of Moose emerged from their lodge to reveal the prophesized hero.
Wielding the legendary snow shovel IceCaliber and the legendary Chris Stone this hero vanquished Kanzer back into hiding.
Hundreds of years later Kanzer rises again, IceCaliber is a forgotten tale and the Chris Stone has been fragmented and its shards lost.

Take the role Kidd our unwilling protagonists and use your snow shovel to recover the Chris Stone and save the town!!

Tarnation contains adult language, drug and alcohol, references, 8-bit nudity, 10 inch footlongs, homeless meth heads and everything you can find in the real world Mancelona!!

Tarnation is a long term pet project that I started working on in August of 2022.

Role Name
Everyone at the NesMakers forums DaleCoop, JamesNES, Baardbi, TurtleRescueNES,and everyone

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