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Maile Penguin’s Christmas Card Adventure

🐧🎄 Santa can’t find his way to Maile Penguin’s house, and the only way to help him is by harnessing the power of 8 Heart Blinks found throughout her neighborhood!! Search everywhere, find those Heart Blinks, and save Christmas!!

This is a digital holiday card I created for our family in 2021, and was inspired by actual locations in my daughter’s life. It is by far the dorkiest and most ambitious holiday card I have ever created.

This game is also available to play or download at itch.io: https://karikas.itch.io/maile-christmas

You may view a complete walkthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga6rAzAejnw

Featuring original Chiptune Christmas music by Three Ninjas.  Thanks to NESmaker and the NESmaker community for making this possible!

Role Name
Creator, Graphics, Custom Programming, SFX Mike Karikas
Chiptune Music Three Ninjas (www.threeninjas.net)
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