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Glas the Green Leprechaun was keeping watch on the Red Leprechaun’s gold while he was away… but… Glas is kind of a… well… umm… not great. Now the Red Leprechaun’s gold is missing, and rainbow pointing to is is fading away! Help Glas find the missing treasure and restore the rainbow before Red returns from his trip.

I'm a sucker for arcade platformers, and if this game existed thirty years ago, it would've eaten all my quarters! This has a black box quality to it, especially judging by the addicting gameplay.
Very cool, reminds me of many classics, especially Don Doko Don but that might be just because of the trees :P Possibly the first use of Mario 2 style pickup/throw we've seen, very smooth.
Picking up and throwing things is such a fun game mechanic
Great Gameplay, reminds me of classic arcades.
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