Humbled is an NES game, made for Byte-Off III by kevin81 and JollyShadow.


After saving the Herxodus kingdom from the evil Gemmyr’s attack, our hero Lyndsia mentally descends into a path of egotism. Lyndsia’s arrogance provokes the Deity of Herxodus to interfere and teach Lyndsia a lifeworthy lesson.

When Lyndsia wakes up, she finds she has been stripped off all of the heroic qualities she used to posess, scattered throughout the kingdom in eight magic artifacts. Now Lyndsia is off on a quest, looking to revive her lost powers, but most importantly, looking for herself.


While we encourage you to take a look at the instruction manual, here’s a quick overview of the control scheme. Note that the goal of the game is to unlock most of these abilities first, before you are able to use them.

LEFT:       Walk left
LEFT:       No really, WALK LEFT.
RIGHT:      Walk right
UP:         Enter doors
DOWN:       Crouch
DOWN+LEFT:  Roll left
DOWN+RIGHT: Roll right
A:          Jump, Progress cut scene
A, A:       Double Jump
B:          Attack
START:      Skip cut scene
SELECT:     Teleport to last checkpoint

External links

The ROM download and instruction manual are available below.
For better accessibility, a text version of the manual is available here.

Also, there’s a longplay video on YouTube, though that may contain spoilers, so we encourage you to play the game first.

Role Name
Concept, programming, music and sound effects kevin81
Narrative and lead graphics JollyShadow
Additional assistance Too many to mention here - please check the Special Thanks section of the manual.

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