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Horace and Buggie Shoot for the Moon

Horace and Buggie is an action platformer with a twist. Instead of using one character to do all the action you have two! Buggie the cat runs around the stage and is able to stomp on enemies. Horace the turtle jumps up from Buggies back and collects the gears and oxygen bubbles that are essential for the duo’s mission.  Finally Buggie is able to collect to cheese for his friend, Boredman. Boredman is a vulture who has turned to vegetarianism and he’s running out of food fast. Horace and Buggie decide to fly to the moon and grab some cheese for their friend. But what could go wrong?

Horace and Buggie is based on a comic book by David Branstetter and was inspired by his kids. You can here the theme song here:

Well what do you know... There actually is [redacted to prevent spoilers]! The cut scene graphics look great, the platforming sections are fun and I also like the story.
Wow! Really love the cartoony style of the game, seems like straight of a Saturday morning cartoon (btw Horace & Buggie theme is a BOP) You may need to improve the camera and a bit of gameplay, though
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