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Harry’er Space

The Year is 30xx, Harry has been awoken from his hibernation stasis pod. The alarm bells on the USS Cave-terprise blaring, Goblingons are attacking!

Well he’s not going to put up with this nonsense.

Strap on your jet boots, Harry, and blast those Goblingons out of the air!


This is a bit of a Parody game!

Shoot for a high score! Post your scores in the comments!

I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked for this years Byte-Off, I started development on the 9th, and it’s currently the 17th.  So this is one week (really, 4 days, the weekends) worth of development!

It’s doing the things I set out to do, just not with as much polish or variety as I would have liked!


*Box art created with AI Generative assisted tools of my own creation

Role Name
Music Logan S
Wow, a space-harrier-styled game! very impressive. Haha, so cool
An endless rail shooter in the vein of 3-D WorldRunner and Oratorio, in which the main goal is to get your score up as high as possible. Fun mechanic and absolutely pumping bassline on the soundtrack!
5 stars for the title alone.
We're getting space harrier vibes. You are doing things here we have never seen before. Awesome work.
Good to see harry back! Very unique game when it comes to NES Maker games.
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