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Gold Fins Steel Hearts

One the other side of the Universe out heroes anthropomorphic goldfish Bubba and Francois have received their letter of marque from the king.  With the kingdom’s armed forces all currently engaged in the on going Space Wander Wars there is only one way to stop the mounting piracy. 13 letters of marque have been issued to form a fleet of privateers. Bubba pilots their ship Matisse’s Favor while Francois operates the weapons systems. The pirates have a fleet of fighters and artillery at their disposal. Even more dangerous are the genetically modified super beasts dispatched to hold key resources. Fly the ship with the D-pad and shoot its main cannon with the A button. This Byte Off Demo features 2 levels and a simple ending. Currently the game has no sound as it is still in development. Will they defeat the pirates and finally be able to afford the honeymoon they always wanted? Glory and Plunder await!

Developed by the Grant family design team Piney Privateers. This project is currently still in development March 2024

Role Name
Programing, Art Kevin Grant
Concept, Art, Music Lucas Grant
This is the best goldfish in space simulator ever. It's a fun, not too hard horizontal shoot 'em up where you're a fish fighting against hazards, like fish hooks. It's kinda quiet in space though.
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