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While working on a formula that would grant immortality, Supermodel/ chemist “CHAD GRANITE” was attacked, splashing his serum all over and exploding him to bits.
With the power of his life-giving serum, you must guide him through 16 explosive levels by reviving yourself and heading to the exit.

Gather your wits along with your bodyparts to confront the mad bomber and win, FOR SCIENCE!


This is a puzzle platformer where the player need to figure out how to collect all their bodyparts to complete each level.
Each bodypart moves in a different way. For example, legs can jump, but a head can only roll, The butt can propel itself in the air, and the torso can punch through certain objects
all combinations of these parts move differently, so the picking the right combination of parts is sometimes crucial. you may sometimes want to discard a picked up part to get through certain paths.

There are security doors in some levels that require the player to touch a scanner to open. A retinal scanner must be activated by the head bodypart, the hand scanner must be activated with the torso bodypart.
the final scanner that opens the exit to the level must be activated after collecting all your parts.


UP: enter doorway/ move ghost up
DOWN: Pick up a bodypart / move ghost down
LEFT: Move left
RIGHT: Move right
SELECT: Drop bodypart
START: Pause / Unpause

Made for Byte-Off III 2022
Copyright 2022


Role Name
Game Creator Brad Hammond
Music / SFX Logan E. Schad

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