Fox Hunt

(Made for ByteOff 2020)

Playable on NES Emulators (Mapper 30) or an NES on cartridge

Recommended Emulator (Win) Mesen or Retroarch

Nari is son of Inari (*Red and Orange god) (the fox god) and Kome (*White Fox spirit) (nature spirit of rice cultivation) is born. His destiny is to overcome many trials and tribulations to become a demi-god of wealth!
Susanoo (full name Susanoo no Mikoto: The father of Inari, and impetuous god of storms), decides to cause a storm of godly prowess on the day Nari is born! As stars rain from the heavens, crashing to earth, one smashes into Nari as he is falling from the heavens sending him off his course…

Lost in a timeless realm of gods and spirits he must navigate his way home!

Nari, fox-spirit child, lands in the realms known as “far west”. The lands of King Arty!

Nari must stop the king’s knights, collect the mystical fruits, and escape from King Arty! If he can do this, he may be able to catch a ride on the next shooting star, and travel home to his family!

Mechanics: Collect power-ups, stun enemies, and kill them. Be careful! If you run out of power-ups, you will be prey!

The Fox Hunt is on!

Role Name
Creation and Design Dennis Fosburgh Jr.
Music and SFX Patricio Pereira
Additional Art Design Miguel Gonzalez Jr.

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