The extreme sport & pop culture movement!

A fõonfboärd is a snowboard with blades for maneuverability & traction on ice and snow. Invented in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries in the early 80’s, it’s back!


Meet Tõnis Pääbo and hit the slopes to find food and defeat baddies. But maybe Tõnis Pääbo is not who he appears to be!

Let’s get ready to shred.

Special thanks especially to SciNEStist and SpiderDave, but also to Drexegar, Cuttercross, Dale Coop, Mugi, and kevin81. Your scripting troubleshooting, support, advice, and links were invaluable.

Role Name
Designer Vufka
Programming Vufka (with community help)
Music and SFX Vufka
Writing Vufka
Art Vufka
Special thanks SciNEStist, SpiderDave, Drexegar, Cuttercross, Dale Coop, Mugi, and kevin81

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