Farpoint Toys Matter

Default Retroverse keyboard controls: Arrow keys=D-pad, F= (A), D= (B), Enter= (start), S= (select).

Single screen Platformer. Based on the real world toy store Farpoint Toys and Collectables. The owners Justin and Penelope host a weekly online claim sale. The game’s story starts as they prepare that week’s sale. After peril strikes only Findo the space gnome can help. Findo must travel to the Findlands to save the day. The Findlands are a magical toy Valhalla where outgrown or misplaced toys go. It is a world designed for every type of toy with many realms. Warriors can fight, cute animals can frolic and adventurers wander. Humans have been banned since the great beanie baby stampede of 2000. It’s normally a wonderous place. Recently an unknown evil has besieged it. This entity is creating grape jelly zombies. A true horror for any toy. It is up to you to stop this evil and save Farpoint’s weekly show for all the grown up kids. Use left and right on the direction pad to walk. Use up and down on the direction pad to climb ladders. Use the (A) button to jump across gaps, up platforms and over enemies. Jump into the spiral gates to travel to the next area. Collect items to increase your score. Look for coffee cups for extra lives. If you run out of lives you have the option to continue but your score resets. This is a DEMO and contains 2 realms each with 10 maps(single screen) and a boss encounter. The demo does have a simple ending. There is also a second game mode called relax mode. Follow the instruction to access it from the start screen. This game mode has no enemies or pitfalls. Play just for fun. You can also hunt for Farpoint mascot Tucker the dog. Tucker likes to do cosplay. Look for pickups of him dressed as game characters. The regular game mode has 4 different Tuckers. Relax mode has 6 to find.

This was created as a byte off entry but I didn’t make it in time due to some last minute glitches. I wanted to get it functioning and share it because I’m proud I was able to make something in the time frame. It took an extra week but I did finish it.

Farpoint Toys is a real world toy store and museum located in Mays Landing, New Jersey. You can learn more about the real Farpoint and the Bartertown live show by pressing select to quit from the” gameover?” screen when you run out of lives. The Farpoint name and logo are used with permission. Thank You for playing.


Role Name
Graphics and Design Kevin Grant
Music Nesmaker Tutorial Sound Pack

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