Exophage: Extermination Protocol

After receiving a distress signal from an oribital medical facility at the frontier of human colonized space, the Interstellar Corporate have dispatched a lone operative to investigate and resolve an apparent alien infestation that has taken over the station. Upon arriving, though, our heroic exterminator soon discovers that it isn’t an invasion, but an outbreak of a genetically engineered virus that must be contained before it finds its way to the planet below. Our hero’s mission is to rescue any remaining personnel and activate the station’s containment protocols at all costs, even if that means destroying the entire facility itself!

Inspired by classic arcade titles like Alien Syndrome and Xenophobe, and more modern releases like Xeno Crisis, Exophage: Extermination Protocol is a one player single-screen arcade action game where the player takes on the role of an intergalactic exterminator to save various human colonies and installations in outer space from infestation caused by genetic experimentation gone awry. Kill the various incarnations of the virus with your trusty universal pesticide spray gun and rescue victims caught up in the mayhem. Just watch your back and your supplies while battling through laboratories and space stations and solving the mystery of where the virus originated and who might be responsible for this intergalactic chaos!

Note: This demo is an early protoype extensively missing core gameplay mechanics, sound effects, art elements, and various other components that may or may not be considered as “work in progress”. In its current state, Exophage: Extermination Protocol should most certainly not be considered by any means representative of a finished product.

Game ©2024 Kale Menges. Music by P.E. Skavhaug.


Inspiring highly polished graphics as expected. Would benefit from improved mechanics and maybe 8 way movement. The content isn't there yet but it's a demo after all.
Amazing graphics !!!!! Wow! I wish the demo was longer <3
The graphics on this one are insane. The amount of depth you can pull off with such limited palettes is amazing. Either the demo seems to be on the short side, but that what's there is great.
Can't imagine a NES graphics being put to better use. I hope you plan on developing this further, would love to play the full version.
Gorgeous demo so far. Spraying mechanic still feels a little finicky. Awesome new frontier for a classic gameplay style
Beautiful!! Love the spider-monsters.
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