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EV Cruising

Thank you for your interest in the EV Cruising NES game! As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to offer you a coupon from our sponsor, DINO JUICERY Ltd.

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ND-46 W

One of the World’s longest straight roads. It’s length is approximately 121 miles or 194 kilometres. Still It’s length is no match for cars human has made.

But what about the new frontier? Electric Cars.

Are you ready to take your Open Chord, Dazzle Type Q or Kaya Nitro all the way to the end?


But well… Electric cars... You got to emm… charge them right?  But how!? Is that HARD?!

No worries! The charging of EV vehicles is really simple! We have prepared a tutorial video just for you. If you are in doubt. Watch it before trying to conquer the ND-46 W with your electric car.




The trailer:


The Charging tutorial:



Early sneak peek video:



Playthrough with Commentary



Soundtrack on:

Spotify, Youtube music,  Apple music

Download as wav -files


Album promos:



Booklet style, print-ready manual:



Drive folder with various stuff:


Still not enough?! HUH!? Eager for more EV Cruising content? Guess you have to go onto my itch.io page then:

Role Name
Developer Henri Sallila
Music Arvi & Henri Sallila
Art Dall-E 3 & Henri Sallila
Story Henri Sallila
Nice work. Very impressive looking game.
Awesome. My only criticism (request maybe) is something to do during the charge cycle. Maybe a timed mini game to get a charge boost?
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the [#COUPON] coupon. The unexpected surge in demand caught us off guard, and our technical team is currently working to address the issue. [COMPANY_NAME]
I can't imagine the amount of work went into this! It not only looks and sounds amazing, but the controls are well done, too. Easily on my Top 5 of this year's Byte-Off!
Never thought I would see a racing game on Nesmaker! Plays great!
I can't believe they pulled off a race car game in NESmaker! The technical backend on this most be incredible!
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