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Doodle World

Doodle World is an all new game for play on the NES! Play as Doodle and help him save his world from the evil King Eraser and his office supply minions.

Run, jump and pounce on enemies as you navigate your way through this colorful side-scroller!

From Paper to Pixels

While trying to come up with a concept for a new NES game, I watched my daughter doodle on notepad paper and the idea for Doodle World was born. Her doodles have been brought to life in this highly stylized NES game. Embracing the limitations of the NES hardware I was able to create an entire game with the look of a hand drawn world on notebook paper.


The evil King Eraser and his office supply minions had stolen the magical crayon used to create Doodle’s amazing world! Play as Doodle and travel across the world to defeat King Eraser and his minions. Along the way you will encounter numerous office supply enemies and eraser bosses.

Gameplay Features

  • 5 Worlds
  • 15 levels of platforming action
  • 5 Exciting boss battles
  • Innovative “Kids Mode” for younger players

Doodle World features an innovative “Kids Mode”. With “Kids Mode” younger players can enjoy the game with more lives,  less levels, and easier enemies and bosses!


The music and sound design for Doodle World was created by the extremely talented chiptune artist Takumi Grainger!

To hear more of his work, check out his SoundCloud!

Role Name
Nate Peters Developer
Araceli Peters Design/Concept Artist
Dale Coop Additional Programming
Benjamin Plinch Additional Programming
Takumi Grainger Music/Sound Design
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