Coffin Pauper™

Coffin Pauper™ ©2022 Kale Menges

Arkham, Massachusetts, circa 1912. Disturbing things are afoot in the outskirts of the old city, especially in and around the myriad graveyards, cemeteries, and necropolises dotting the countryside…

The notorious Dr. Herbert West is fanatically pursuing a sinister and vile path into the depths of black science. His questionable research, bordering on the arcane and mystical, is leading him ever closer to his dark goal of using science to overcome Death itself and change the world forever…

However, this research is neither simple nor cheap. Dr. West desperately needs human remains to fuel his twisted experiments and he’s running out of excuses for the cadavers frequently missing from the medical school at Miskatonic University. With his research and his credibility at risk, Dr. West has sought the services of one Douglas Reginald Spade, Esquire, a specialist in questionable “acquisitions and logistics”, to seek out and retrieve the freshest corpses he can find and deliver them to Dr. West’s secret laboratory in the dark forest outside of Arkham. Dr. West is offering a king’s ransom for in tact specimens, and he’s even promised Doug “immortality” if his experiments succeed. On the other hand, though, Dr. West has sworn to disavow ever knowing Doug if anything should compromise his nightly task…

In Coffin Pauper™, you play as Doug Spade as he goes from one cemetery to the next, robbing graves in the night, digging them up with his trusty shovel. Disturbing the sleep of the dead isn’t without consequences, though, as Doug will need to be constantly on his toes to avoid the lumbering skeletons and creepy ghosts who watch over the hallowed ground of the departed’s final resting places!

Inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Coffin Pauper™ will leave you trembling in the darkness of 8-bit cosmic horror as you learn that there are far worse things than Death that Man in all his arrogance and diminutive form should indeed fear at every turn!


Note: This demo features no audio. Music and SFX are currently in production for the final game.

Role Name
Game Design Kale Menges
Art Kale Menges
Programming Kale Menges
Audio Abolutely Nobody

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