A Four Player Game!

Legendary monsters have returned from the grave… and they are hungry! Play as vampire, zombie, ghost or banshee. Bash ,brawl, and bounce your way to gobble up boogly boo berries. (An excellent source of calcium when served with milk). Get the most to win and become Grand-Chomp-ion! Chibi Monster Brawl is best played with a group of friends! Custom code was created for this game demo allowing 4 players to play together at the same time. “Wait a second! I thought the original NES only had two controllers?” Yes, while true, a special adapter for the NES called a “Multi-tap / Four Score” was released in late 1980s. This allowed 4 players to play the select few NES games that supported it– which now includes this ByteOff III Game! Join us in reviving one of the most ambitious peripherals for the NES! Download Chibi Monster Brawl’s ROM and play two player in your emulator. Or, use it with an online service that supports four players.

(My recommendations: Download the rom, put it on your Everdrive or flash a NES cart and go play with your friends! Up to four players can play together, with an accessory like the Four Score for the NES. A 1 player mode is also available)


Collect the fruits that appear on the screen. Each fruit will bring you a certain number of points.
Your opponents will try to do the same! Don’t hesitate to push them out of your way!
The “Magic” items will give you the opportunity to eliminate one of your little friends by throwing it at him and earn some points at the same time. If you get killed, you lose points, too. Don’t waste time, the clock is ticking!

Note: In 1 player mode, you play to beat the best score, undead will try to stop you. This best score is saved from one game to the next!


“Start” on the title screen to start the game
“Select” on menu screens to select an option
“Left/Right” directional buttons to move left/right
“A” button to jump
“B” button to shoot when the player has the magic power


Role Name
GAME CREATOR and CODE dale_coop
GRAPHICS Fernando J. Fernandez
MUSIC and SFX Jordan Davis (Raftronaut)
HUGE HELP (and COVER ART!) Adam Bohn (Artix)

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