CBR: Mission to MGC

Chaos Between Realms: Mission to Midwest Gaming Classic was developed for MGC23 VIP personal whom got a chance to get a physical version. This was part of the reward from the Byte Off 2022 competition where CBR won The Best Game catagory. Because the game was physically exclusive, we wanted to at least share it here.

This story follows along side Jin (DP: Demo Player from CBR) before the events of the Byte Off competition demo. Along side Jin, Bernie (from the Nesmaker game, Troll Burner) has been a mentor and father figure to Jin since his parents passing. Here, you’ll get a sneak peak into their back story.

Their story is still growing even now as we work on a new chapter. So keep an eye out on updates on what’s to come with a new release soon.

Role Name
Coder Dale Coop
Music/SFX Raftronaut
Graphics FJ
Story FJ
Package Art SolBlaze
Package Organizer Artix
Testers Undead Slayers

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