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“I am now going to tell you something so strange that it will require all your faith in my veracity to believe my story. It is not only true, nevertheless, but truth of which I have been an eyewitness.” – Laura Montgomery

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About Carmilla

Carmilla is a point and click style, horror-adventure game designed for the NES for the Byte-Off 4 competition, in an attempt of conquering a “new frontier” by bridging the gap between gaming and storytelling with this gothic style adventure game. Play as Laura as she lives her life in her home in Austria in the late 1800s. Explore the schloss that she calls home, find items, and interact with others all on a game timer. Learn the schedules of the house as you play so you don’t miss out on important events and unravel the story!

Important Features

  • Point and Click style interface capable of interacting with multiple actions.
  • Overarching game timer that alters the world.
  • Objects spawn/despawn to their respective times.
  • Replayability to discover new things
  • Dialogue with character interaction
  • Pause Menu Inventory
  • Map Selection
  • Sabre Sound Driver
  • DPCM Playback
  • Raw PCM Playback
  • Good & Bad Ending

The Byte Off 4 Demo contains the first day of the game, featuring a good and bad ending.

Download and play in Emulator for the best experience!

Role Name
Creator CrazyGroupTrio
Ambitious game design, great presentation. Excellent sampled audio at the beginning.
Although I'm not big on point&click adventure games, that doesn't take away from the fact that this game is *extremely* well made: super polished, great visuals and a really solid story.
Nothing short of a Masterpiece. I can't believe that Crazygrouptrio managed to get this work of art together in time for the contest!
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