Burn ’em Down

On a mining colony deep outer space we dug too deep. Slimy creatures infested our station and hell broke loose. They twisted the dead bodies into mindless zombies and kidnapped my best friend. I must find and rescue him.

Role Name
Music Aeitia/Spring Spring - Society in Ruins
Music AVGVSTA – Endgame
Music Bloo - Sticken Commision
Music Ivan Stanton - The Journey Continues
Music MFG38 - Dread Factory
Music Myrgharok - Escaping Darkness, Mother of all doom, On A Sea of Lava
Music Shiru - After the Rain
Music Sketchy Logic - Mars
Music Victor Stiles - Ammo Count 00
Wow! This game is expansive! I kept thinking it would end after a boss but there was more to go! I got stuck at an area where I couldn't jump back up, though. I have a video up on my X account.
Great Gameplay and graphics, love the boost jump mechanic when hitting enemies.
btw - I was at the boss that shoots from the eye, rocks are coming down, then there are some tentacles and some beams. I approx played 2 hrs and at the boss , the inputs froze and I couldn't proceed
great game - love the boss fight which are so well done. Reminds me a lot of The Messenger. Great level, sprite design. Did you really do it in 4 weeks?
Very clean tile and sprite design. Chaining kills one after another feels great!
I actually like this game a lot! This may be my favorite so far!
Wow! This is impressive. Great gameplay and graphics. The power ups are done really well and significantly add to the strategy of the game, great work!
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