Bobby Six Seven (DEMO)


Time-Traveling Detective

(A New Action Platformer for the NES)

The evil Zorbass, who is more of a fish than a man, has changed all the traffic lights in the town to GREEN! Traffic is bonkers. The chief of police is not happy about it.

You are detective Bobby Six Seven, and you need to fix the situation!

Using a time portal that some kid left in the police station, chase Zorbass through time and arrest that fish! The fate of traffic flow depends on you.

  • 7 unique time periods*
  • 1 Detective trying to keep his job
  • 3 Different weapon types
  • A fairly patient police chief
  • A balloon mini game*
  • Soundtrack by Logana
  • A time-traveling Fish
  • Power up at the police station water cooler
  • Destroy the chief’s furniture


  • A – Jump/Talk
  • B – Shoot (3 types of weapons)
  • Down – Crouch (can crouch and shoot for different scenarios)
  • Up – Refill energy and lives at the police station’s water cooler, access doors

*This is a demo of the first two levels only. The full game is just about finished… waiting on artwork and some other assets.


A game by calgames.


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