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You may have played many a Byte-Off entry, but how many can you say had the potential to transform your life? Allison’s AMAZING ACTIVITY GENERATOR will provide guidance for your future and give purpose to your existence!

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Role Name
Everything Peter Paltridge
This reminds me of an old 80's board game I used to play when I was younger! Great job on the modified text handler. I have to go now, my clone is asking me to come to Portland to eat rocks together.
Randomising text in NES Maker's text engine is something I haven't seen, and just thinking about it makes my head hurt!
This is the most random and silly concept for a NES game - courtesy of Allison of Astra.
I was having far too much fun doing this over and over again!
Alright! According to this I will be petting an NES in a Ferrari with Paula Abdul today... I never would have thought to do that!
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