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8Bit Brix Design Studio


8BIT BRIX is all about celebrating indie NES games by bringing them into the new frontier: Real world toys!

DESIGN STUDIO is a utility to make a 16×16 pixel image and work out how many of each color building block would be needed to bring it to life!

Real 8BIT BRIX sets have already been made starting with Toby the Turtle. The plan is for more in the future. Will your favorite pixel hero be next?

For more information on the 8BIT BRIX product launch at Midwest Gaming Classic 2024,
please visit https://www.instagram.com/8bitbrix/ or https://twitter.com/8BitBrix


D-PAD: Move pointer
SELECT: Rotate brick graphics
START: Begin game
B: Cancel brick selection
A: Make menu selection
A: Place selected brick on baseplate


– You start with an empty baseplate and an assortment of bricks in three colors.
– You control the pointer which interacts with the left menu and the baseplate.
– Press A on the brick arrows to choose the colors of your bricks.
– Press A on the brick icon to load that brick to your pointer.
– Press A over the baseplate to place your brick. You will see a targeting graphic to aid you.
– Press B over a placed brick to remove it.
– Press B to unload your selected brick from the pointer.
– Press A over any of the macro icons to see what they do.
– Press B during a macro to abort in progress.
– Press SELECT to see other graphics display options (bricks vs solid colors).

Role Name
Creator / Developer Joe Sherman
Music David Ko
Out of the box thinking. Very inventive.
I love this interactive design tool and its extension into the real world especially! The soundtrack is uplifting, the interface is intuitive and the experience is almost meditative.
Most innovative game of the Byte Off this year period.
This is so very creative, I love the idea and it just works! Really amazing! Who doesn't love making brick block pixel art?
Dude! I played this for far too long! How did you even create this?! It reminds me of MarioPaint, but for the NES, with your own twist. Some real NES-maker magic beeing used here, thats for sure.
Very cool, this is fun and useful to plot out your pixel art! I love the fact that this pairs with the real life sets Joe is making! Extremely creative.
This is the type of game that I would spend hours playing as a kid. I'm thrilled that Joe is developing these styles of games for the next generation to enjoy!
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